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WOOL & WIRE "Symphony" Stitch Marker Necklace

WOOL & WIRE "Symphony" Stitch Marker Necklace

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Designed by Wool & Wire. This artisan necklace features an artfully shaped silver clasp that holds up to 13 stitch markers comfortably. The 36" necklace is the perfect length for adding or removing stitch markers while you are knitting. Each piece of jewelry includes one stitch marker attached. Stitch markers are created one of a kind. Colors may vary.

Two options: silver chain or adjustable linen cord

Each luxury piece in the Wool & Wire collection is handcrafted in the US from copper-core wire dipped in .999 pure silver with genuine fresh-water pearls and faceted crystals. Hypoallergenic.

This artisan necklace has been designed with knitters in mind to serve two purposes. The removable, decorative charms double as functional stitch markers for your knitting! You can create a whole new look every day by adding or subtracting different markers and always be prepared for a knitting emergency.

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