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Mini Metal Stitch Holder

Mini Metal Stitch Holder

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Introducing our Mini Metal Stitch Holders – the perfect companions for your knitting projects!

Say goodbye to the hassle of losing stitches or struggling with clumsy alternatives. Our Mini Metal Stitch Holders provide a secure and reliable solution to keep your stitches in place while you work on intricate patterns or set aside projects for later. Their compact size ensures they won't add unnecessary bulk to your knitting bag, making them an ideal on-the-go knitting accessory.

Made from high-quality metal, these stitch holders are not only durable but also lightweight, ensuring they won't weigh you down during your creative endeavors. The smooth finish of the metal ensures that your yarn glides effortlessly, preventing any snags or interruptions in your knitting flow.

Measures approx 2 1/4" long.


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