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By Hand : No. 13 : NorCal Road Trip

By Hand : No. 13 : NorCal Road Trip

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By Hand is a serial produced by Andrea Hungerford three times per year that explores locations around the country that have developed their own unique "maker communities" where people who love to make, love to learn to make, and love to support makers have found a common sense of purpose.

Each of these geographic "clusters" has its own unique characteristics, and those characteristics influence the artists who live and work there. Each issue of By Hand is a place-based celebration of these communities of makers, focused primarily on the fiber and fabric industry, as well as highlighting artists in other media who share the same philosophy as fiber and fabric artists of functional beauty. Additionally each issue includes patterns, projects, photo essays, day trips, foodie excursions, and other write-ups of aspects unique to the featured city or region.

We are "making communities" even where physical proximity isn't possible, by sharing our stories and journeys and images with each other.


Begin this cycle's journey along the Southern Oregon coast, just north of the California border, with views of the rugged, rocky coastline. Drive Highway 101 -- one of North America's most iconic, scenic routes -- documenting spectacular sights in the many state parks, recreational areas and pull-outs along the way. Hug the coastline and turn into dappled patches of winding redwood forest, emerging again to foggy seascape and glittering sunshine. The furthest point on our map, San Francisco greets us with candy-colored neighborhoods, hidden mosaic stairways, and quiet foggy mornings. Explore exquisite offerings from the city's must-stop shops in Berkeley, Oakland, and throughout the Bay Area. After San Francisco, escape to the sunshine of Napa Valley. Brilliantly green vineyards, golden fields of sunflowers and shimmering silver olive groves provide the background for the last leg of our trip. We wander through a ranch high above the California coast, sip tea over candles and charcuterie as we chat with the maker who originated the Slow Skin Care Movement, and delve deeply into natural dyeing in the outdoor dye garden of a yarn creator who's been advocating for naturally dyed yarns for almost two decades. In between, we carve out moments for exploring farmers markets, window shopping some of the Bay Area's best fiber and fabric shops, dabbling with plein air painting on a cool summer morning, and strolling through the vineyards at dusk. This lush, colorful volume will help you escape the everyday into the dreamy, misty and vibrant landscape of Northern California.

- 92 pages
- 8" x 10"
- Soft cover

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